Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Completion rocks

Just after Christmas I posted about my son's "loaded blaster". Several people generously offered to trade him the last two rings he needed to get the special edition set, but he had 43 unique rings and couldn't trade rings. He just needed two more codes. He got a few more loose packs of Update from his grandmother, but no more codes.

A generous reader using the name Zippy Zappy commented on that post and he emailed one code, quickly followed by another. He didn't ask for anything in return and I'm extremely grateful for his generosity. My son happily entered the codes when we got back from our trip.

The first code gave up some vintage, circa 1965.

Somehow getting a Giant isn't so bad when it's 47 years old. Of course, my son only cared about the ring. He got the Tampa Bay Rays which he needed. Only one more to get to 45!

The last code gave up a less than stellar card.

No one would be overly thrilled by a 1999 Johnny Damon. Honestly, the card didn't matter. What mattered was the ring, which turned out to be a Frank Robinson. That was quickly converted to an Athletics ring and the quest was over.

Today we requested shipping on the set and 24 cards (all free shipping!) and he's very excited.

Thanks Zippy Zappy! You really made his day and that's saying something this time of year.

Stay tuned for the January Contest later today.


  1. Was the free shipping because you had a Black Diamond or does 45 rings get you that too?

  2. The cards shipped for free because they will ship them with the "prize" special set. The problem I have is they will only ship 25 items at a time which requires multiple orders to get all my cards.

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  4. Thanks for the mention :).
    Glad my codes helped and unlocked something vintage. Somehow the codes I give away usually dig up something better than the ones I keep for myself lol.

  5. While I would not be thrilled...I would be mildly excited for 1999 Johnny Damon. :-)