Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Topps, get with the program

This is not a post about Topps decision to include SSPs with Series 2 numbers in Series 1 packs. If you're surprised by Topps antics and gimmicks at this point, well, you shouldn't be.

This is about the fact that I've been trying since Saturday to request shipping on my last lot of cards from the Diamond Giveaway Site. I know most of you don't care or have wrapped up things on the site already, but it's been down since at least Saturday morning.

Part of the message on the site says, "Our IT department is working diligently to restore the site for your enjoyment!" How diligently can they be working if the site has been down for 3+ days?

Seriously, if you're IT department is that crappy, there are plenty of out of work IT people out there that could probably do better.


  1. I haven't been able to accept any of your offers because of this "glitch". Crazy.

  2. By IT department there talking about the room of monkeys that run the website and quality control. I requested my Diamond set and 25 cards in November and then the site went down. I've emailed them twice and got "We will email you a response in 2 days" I think it's time to call. Oh and thanks for that golden Brewer, I'll have to start looking for goodies for you.

  3. I've been trying to ship the last of mine too. Waiting, but not so patiently anymore.

  4. We all know Topps doesn't have an IT department.