Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sparkly, Shiny and See-through

The Diamond King recently had his "End of the Year Mega-Contest". The first round was a lot of Will Clark cards and reader Jeff Pedersen won the lot. He later emailed me that he saw my comment about Will Clark being my favorite player and offered to trade me some Clarks for some Cubs. I'm down for that deal anyday.

The Sparkly: 1996 Skybox Metal

Metal has always been one of the stranger sets out there, but it kind of grows on you after a while. At least in moderation. I remember opening boxes of this and just being overwhelmed with too much of the weird backgrounds.

The Shiny: 1995 Bowman's Best

This is a really nice card and I'm digging the 1995 All-Star patch on Will's sleeve.

The See-Through: 1999 Skybox E/X Century

This is one of those funky acetate cards. I'll never get used to seeing Will in an Orioles uniform.

The Non-Will card: 2009 Topps Ian Kinsler Wal-mart black parallel

Hey, it can't be all Will Clark, all the time. Unless...never mind. It looks like Ian is running into a black hole. I hope that's not what happens if the Rangers sign Cecil...I mean Prince Fielder. I'm afraid that would mean ultimately losing many of the current players as their contracts run out.

Thanks for the great cards Jeff! I hope you enjoyed the Cubs.


  1. This was the only time in my life that I clicked on a link hoping to see a dress...

    ...or not see, depending on just how "see-through".

  2. Love acetate cards from the 90's... especially EX-Century cards. But you're right... hard to get used to seeing Clark as an Oriole.

    But I felt the same way about him being in a Rangers uniform too. In my mind, Will will always be a SF Giant.

  3. Thank goodness that Kinsler saved this post.