Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More 1956 Goodness

I don't know if I mentioned (more than 10 times) that I'm after some 1956 Topps cards on the Topps MCG site. Well, I got another one last night. The only problem was I had to give up one '56 for another.

You may recognize this '56 Jim Rivera which I covered in this post.

As far as cards go, it's really nice. It has a nice action shot to go along with the headshot. As nice as it is, I liked this one better, so when someone offered it to me, I quickly accepted.

This '56 Stan Lopata fits nicely into my somewhat limited vintage catcher collection. It's a really unusual action shot. It almost looks like he is taking a throw from the dugout. Perhaps it was an overthrown ball that was retrieved by the pitcher. Stan looks as confused as I am. At any rate, I'm glad to have this in my portfolio.

On a related issue, this was my trade screen on Monday morning when I got to work. I had 56 trade offers, which is fun. Most of them were for my 1956 cards or my 1973 Bill Freehan play at the plate.

Is anyone else receiving lots of trade offers or have you stopped checking the site altogether? If so, that could explain why no one is responding to my trade offers.

For the record, I didn't accept any of those 56 offers.


  1. don't have any baseball cards, but as far as football goes, I've had three trade offers. Period. And none of which could be considered, um.... fair.
    apparently the site is losing it's appeal as far as football goes.

  2. I haven't looked in a few weeks. I have about 11 cards from 1970-'90 and none are cards I need. After several weeks of offers that would have been laughed out of my neighborhood playground for being ridiculous, I just stopped checking.

  3. I don't have anything older than 1959 on MCG (or in my PC, as far as that goes) so that's pretty cool that you've had that kind of luck. I check about once a day but don't get a ton of offers. My most popular ones are the 1959 and a 1969 two-player rookie stars card (for which I get horrible offers because, as I've blog-ranted, their trading system sucks), so I'm not shocked you're getting a lot of interest in some of your better stuff

  4. I don't get nearly as many offers as you, but I check every 3 days or so as I keep getting offers for my 1969 cards. People keep offering me 1970 cards. I do not like the 1970 set AT ALL. Stop offering me 1970 cards!