Monday, December 16, 2013

A dream that needs to come true

I don't generally buy lottery tickets.  I'm smart enough (debatable) to know it's not worth the money.

Like busting packs is worth the money, right?

They were really advertising the Mega Millions lottery drawing last week because it was something like $350 million.  Now it's up to $550 million or something crazy.  Anyway, with all the advertising I saw, it made me have a dream about winning the lottery and I'd really like to see it come true.

Here's what happened after I won.

I bought one of those luxury motor homes.  The kind that cost half a million dollars or more.  It was tricked out with all the finest amenities.  It had to be for the trip I was going to take.  Starting in May, the family and I loaded up, with our hired driver of course, and set off to hit every single Major League ballpark in one season.

How cool would that be?

That's pretty much where the dream ended, but as I sat up in the middle of the night thinking about it, I decided if it ever came true, I'd add some things.

First off, if I had that kind of money and was driving around the country anyway, I'd meet up with all my blogger/trading buddies as we hit their neck of the woods.  I'd take them to games and best of all, we would do some case busting together.

Imagine pulling into the hometowns of Tribe Cards, Night Owl, GCRL, Community Gum, Cards on Cards, $30 a week habit or Waxaholic (and all the rest of you great guys and gals), picking them up and busting some "wax".

Doesn't everyone think Night Owl would like to open this box?  If I had that kind of money, we could all open our dream box.  Free case breaks...imagine the fun we'd have.

The other thing I'd do is fly all you crazy bloggers to Texas for a Rangers game, set us up in a nice suite at the Ballpark and enjoy the game.  Maybe we could even do some old fashioned in person card trading.

I may have to pick up a quick pick on the way home.


  1. I'll hitch a ride from mpls to chavez ravine for sure.

  2. sounds like a nice idea. I once had a similar idea; it wasn't based on me winning a lottery tough. I never play so the odds are pretty stacked against me. I thought about doing some box breaks when I was in the area of some bloggers, but never got around to arranging anything. Their were a few other bloggers in the Dallas area and I wanted to do something OU/Texas week or something along those lines. I do like the idea of trading in person though.

  3. If I ever won the lottery, the $30 a week habit would probably become a $3000 a week habit.

    Need to do something to keep me off the streets!!

    I'm waiting for the RV to pull into zip code 16101 now.....

  4. I'd be "Better Off Dead", cause I won a whole two dollars!!