Friday, December 13, 2013

The best football player drafted in Dallas in 10 years...was drafted by the Rangers

It may just be a stunt, it may just be a cheap way to get a potential Super Bowl winner in to speak to the team, but for $12,000, the Rangers drafted Russell Wilson.

Yes, that Russell Wilson.

I don't know how serious Wilson is about the opportunity to attend Spring Training and play, but I think it's a serious indictment of the Dallas Cowboys that with one pick, the Rangers have drafted the best football player to be drafted in these parts in over a decade.

Maybe owner Jerry Jones will fire GM Jerry Jones and hire the Rangers' Jon Daniels to take over.  We could have a two sport star in Russell Wilson and a two sport GM in Jon Daniels.

It could happen.


  1. The Mariners dropped the ball on this one. Safeco and CityLink are right next door to each other. Wilson could walk back and forth to Hawks and Mariners practices.

  2. Wilson hit around .210 in the low A South Atlantic League in 2011, his last season. I was not upset in the least when he "retired" to play football.

    As far as two sport stars go, Wilson is much more Michael Jordan (at least in baseball) than Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders.

    He should get some crowds to come to Spring Training though.

  3. I'd be okay with Jerry firing Jerry.....

  4. Close...DeMarcus Ware ('05) was, and when healthy still is, a much, much better player than Wilson.

    1. I might have said that too, but he's a shell of his former self. He had less tackles last night than two of the Cowboys wide receivers.

  5. That would be awesome if Russell came to Spring Training. I know I'd go to see him.