Friday, December 27, 2013

Mom comes through for Christmas

Mom, if you're reading this, please read the first paragraph, skip the second and then go on to the rest if you want to see the shiny pictures.  Oh, this doesn't count as the first paragraph either.

My mother, sweet lady that she is, made an effort to put some cards under the proverbial tree this year. A good effort too as my primary gift from her was four blasters.  Thanks mom.

Ok, now that she's not reading this part, I'll say that she got me 3 blasters of 2013 Topps Chrome.  Football Topps Chrome.  The other blaster was 2013 Strata.  Also football.  Mom knows that I really only collect baseball, but she couldn't find any baseball blasters near her.  I appreciate the effort and I have to say I did get some decent cards.

I didn't get everything scanned because my printer decided it needed a day off for Christmas.  I got most of my stuff scanned and the stuff my son got in his two blasters.  I'll show his stuff off later.

Nothing in the Strata blaster was worth showing.  The Topps Chrome blasters have 7 packs plus a Rookie relic pack with one card.

In three blasters, I got one of the 1965 Tall Boy cards and it was a Cowboy.  I'll take it.

I snagged four of these 1969 inserts.  This Marquise Goodwin is the only one I got scanned.  I also pulled Markus Wheaton, Eddie Lacy and Geno Smith

I don't see odds on the pack for these Blue Wave Refractors, but this Eddie Lacy is selling pretty well.  I'll probably see what I can turn it into via Ebay.

I pulled a couple of the 1959 mini inserts, but didn't scan them. I got Marquise Goodwin and Matt Barkley.

I also pulled 4 of the 1986 inserts that weren't scanned. I got Cordarrelle Patterson, Terrance Williams, Matt Barkley and Justin Hunter.

The best card I pulled that didn't get scanned was a 1986 Topps Gold Refractor Stedman Bailey #37/50. These are a tough pull at 1:1,133 packs.  Unfortunately, they don't bring much unless it's one of the bigger names.

This is the one per blaster rookie relic.  I also hit a regular Mike Glennon relic plus one you'll see at the end of the post.

I got three colored refractors.  Black refractors, like this Mike Glennon #92/299, fall 1:45 packs.  I also hit a camo Kenny Stills #274/499.  The camos fall 1:27 packs.

My third colored refractor was this red Cecil Shorts #20/25.  The reds fall 1:540 packs.

The pull of the day was this EJ Manuel Rookie Relic red refractor #1/5.  These fall 1:413 packs.  This one should bring a decent return on my investment of zero dollars.

If I had pulled cards with those odds from my baseball Chrome blasters, I would have bought more of them.

Thanks for the cards MOM!!!


  1. Some great pulls there! Especially the EJ relic.

  2. Wow... your mom knows how to pick them. That E.J. Manuel is a sweet pull... but I personally think the Eddie Lacy is even sweeter. Congratulations!

  3. Mom at the plate does it again!

  4. It's a great effort, and at least you get to have some fun on eBay. I got zip for Christmas in the card department.

  5. that would be cool... but the pain and agony is still too fresh. I'm going to be having Kyle Orton nightmares for awhile...

  6. That Manuel relic was quite the pull. Congrats!

  7. Yay for moms they don't always get it right but they make that extra effort to do it.

  8. It is definitely still fun to open. tell me what footballers/teams you like and I'll swap em out for those Buccaneers and Falcons