Thursday, December 19, 2013

Another visit...part 3

If you missed the two previous posts, you might want to go back and read them so this post makes more send.

To recap, my friend, the former owner of my LCS, asked if I would pay X dollars for a stack of cards he had set aside for me.  Seeing as how he gives me amazing deals, I said yes without looking at the cards.

It turned out to be 57 cards and I'll be breaking them down into 6 posts, primarily  by year, and I'll be saving the best 5 for last.

Let's get moving.  We have 11 1966 cards to show you.

Don Le John is so slender, I think he looks like a praying mantis.  No?  I'm typing this at 4 in the morning, so my judgement may be a bit impaired.

Here we go with more vintage catchers.  Do you think Johnny and the rest of these guys would say let's do without the play at the plate?  Hell no they wouldn't.

I just noticed the bat sticking out of Duke's side.  That's gotta hurt.

At least Bob appears to be somewhere close to where he might actually play catcher.

What?  A checklist?  Cool.  

Ken Griffey Jr. wasn't the first ballplayer to wear his hat backwards.

More vintage Dodger greatness.

Two in a row.

Somebody told me this was a Braves card.

Even Pat Corrales is looking up at those great pitchers.

We'll wrap this post up with yet another vintage catcher.  

That wraps up 1966 for now.  I've shown you 21 of the 57 cards.  Care to guess the total price yet?

I'll wrap this transaction up tomorrow. Thanks for following along.


  1. No guess on the cost but I love JC Martins classic pose.

  2. Don Le John might be one of the best baseball names ever.

  3. Hell yeah that's a Braves card! Woot!

    and check out the pillow that Bob Tillman is using... I've had couch cushions smaller than that.

    1. That's about as much a Braves card as Dale Murphy was a Rockie.

  4. Very Cool! Love the Stephenson!

  5. Good stuff. Based on your previous post, ill guess 3 bucks.

  6. Love how you can see stadium in the background in all the catcher cards.

  7. I love those early Topps rookie cups.

  8. Koufax! Drysdale! Dodgers!

    Also, Duke Sims is a badass name.