Friday, December 20, 2013

Another visit...part 5

I'm going to assume you know the story behind these cards at this point.  If not, you can go back and look at parts 1-4 at your convenience.

We've worked our way down through the 1960's cards and it's time to reveal some '50s greatness.

You'll recall that I said my friend pulled out some Dodgers for me because I had purchased Dodgers on a previous visit.  Well, he really hit the Dodgers in this group from 1959 Topps.

Pink border.

Orange border.

Red border too.

There's a Redleg...

a Red Sox...

and even a Yank.

The round picture frame looks great on this Frank House card.

Someone wrote in big cursive letters on the back of this card.  It says "Coach".

Hey, where's your catcher's mitt?

You know what I say, Les is Moss.

Another great framed photo.

This is my first Virgil Trucks card.  He was really a great guy to a lot of bloggers who wrote him.

That puts the total at 40 cards with only 17 to go.

I'll have one more post today and then tomorrow I'll finish up with the top 5 cards from the purchase.