Friday, December 20, 2013

Another visit...part 5

Thanks to my friend the former card shop owner, I have more 1955 Bowman cards than I ever thought possible.

Oops, let the cat out of the bag a little.  I'll just get to the good stuff.

First up, Clint Courtney, Chicago White Sox.  These "TV" set cards were made for catchers. 

Bill Sarni, St. Louis Cardinals.  He looks a little disinterested.  

Matt Batts, Baltimore Orioles.  That's a great baseball name.  I noticed the borders on these cards come in the dark brown border like this one and the light brown border like the two above.  Is there anything special about one or the other?  I just noticed Batts was a Texas native.

Ray Katt, New York Giants.  Katt was also a Texas boy.

Sammy White, Boston Red Sox.  Would that be a night card?

Sherman Lollar, Chicago White Sox.  Someone wanted to make sure everyone knew this was Sherman. They wrote his name on the front in pencil.

Forrest "Smoky" Burgess, Philadelphia Phillies.  This is my second copy of this card.  The first one came from GCRL.

Toby Atwell, Pittsburgh Pirates.  This might be my favorite of all the '55 Bowmans because of the scene behind Atwell.  On the left side, you can see another player and kid on the field.  I wonder what they were doing.

Let's move on to the Dodger portion of this post.

That's not a great job of cropping on the Jim Gilliam card.

Johnny Podres would have been about 22 here, which explains the baby face.

Gil Hodges staring off into the distance.  That's a piece of art right there.

Willie Miranda was involved in a mega trade in 1954.  On 11/17/54 the Yankees traded Miranda, Gene Woodling, Harry Byrd, Jim McDonald, Hal Smith, Gus Triandos, Bill Miller, Kal Segrist and Don Leppert to Baltimore for Bob Turley, Don Larsen, Billy Hunter, Mike Blyzka, Darrell Johnson, Jim Fridley and Dick Kryhoski.  Wow, what a trade.

That's it for today.  We're up to 52 cards with only the best 5 to go.  I hope you're enjoying the ride as much as I am so far.


  1. OK, you finally got my attention with those '55 Dodgers.

  2. i've told the story before, but in 1979 i traded a 79 topps gary lavelle to an older gentleman on the next block for a 55 bowman don hoak. it was a case of an older collector sharing his vintage collection and giving some cardboard joy to a new collector, and i was pretty stoked about it. i'm envious, but not so much of the cards you have picked up as i am of the time that you are spending with your friend poring over old cardboard together.

  3. Ahem, actually this is Part 6 in your 20 part series.

  4. So many catchers and Dodgers!

    Well-done sir.