Friday, December 20, 2013

Another visit...part 4

I'm sure you know what's going on by now.

Here are links to the other posts.

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If you read those other posts, you know my friend...blah blah for me...blah blah blah...amazing deals.  So far we've seen ten 1967's and eleven 1966's which leaves 36 cards to go.

I'm sure you just want to see the goods so I'll get to it.

You probably noticed we are moving in reverse chronological order so here are the early 1960's.

I almost feel like Joe Pignatano (never heard of him) is getting ready for the National Anthem.  He's taking off his mask, there's the flag in the background.  I really like this card.  By the way, Joe played for 6 seasons. He made his way into 307 games for the Dodgers, Athletics, Giants and Mets.

How many catcher cards show the catcher acting the part, but doing it in the dugout?  Maybe that's the bullpen area since the seats are right behind the wire fence.  It's appropriate for Cuno Barragon as he appeared for the Cubs in 10 games in 1961, 58 games in 1962 and only 1 game in 1963.  He has a great name.

Wait, Barragon and now Naragon!  That's some crazy poetry.  Hal Naragon averaged 42 games a year over his 10 year career.

Sammy Taylor had a huge mitt.  That's no euphemism, just look at the thing.  It's enormous.  He's one of the reasons Cuno didn't get much time behind the plate in Chicago.

Look how young Tim McCarver looks!  This card is probably in the worst condition of the whole bunch, but I still think it's great.

That's it for 1962.  Not too shabby I must say.

The last two for this round are from 1960.

Who does the "Youth of America" think it is?  Who game them the right to select rookies?  They did make a "fairly" good choice with Ron.  *slaps knee and laughs*  Fairly...did you see what I did there?

Hey look, I'm a Pignatano super collector!  This is one of my favorite cards of this lot.  I'm all for more cards of  backstops.

The seven cards here brings our total to 28 cards, with 29 to go.  Stay tuned as we dip into the 1950's with the next post.


  1. I love the first Pignatano card. It's one of the better posed shots I've seen. If you have any intentions on trading that Fairly card, let me know. I need that one for my Rookie Cup collection. If you are keeping it, no biggie, but I thought I'd ask.

  2. Wow... I barely recognize McCarver on that card. And your knee slapper was fairly funny!

  3. I've completely lost track....
    Others - 1,000,000
    Braves - 1


    nice cards though. I'm still a wee jealous

  4. Pignatano grew up in the same neighborhood as Sandy Koufax. He was in contention for the starting catcher's job with the Dodgers after Roy Campanella's accident, but John Roseboro won the job.

  5. The Cuno Barragon card is awesome! You can see where the ball had hit the wall behind him.

  6. That McCarver is one of my favorites from the '62 set.

  7. That Roseboro is GORGEOUS.

    Also, love me some '62s.