Friday, July 27, 2012

A lot of Fishy Generosity

If you've been around the blogosphere long, you've probably been on the receiving end of someone else's generosity.  In my opinion, the generosity that abounds in these parts is one of the top two reasons I love being part of this community.  I experienced an overwhelming act of cardboard generosity this week from a reader.  You may see him commenting on blogs with the user name Fishlegboots.  I now know him as Adam and his package blew me away.  The thing is, he doesn't really want anything in return, but I've just got to send him something for stuff he sent me.

It all started with a group break held by Cardboard Conundrum.  I didn't get in the break and Adam picked up the Rangers. Go figure, a great Rangers card popped up and I commented about it on the box break post.   It wasn't long after that comment that Adam contacted me and said he'd be happy to send that card plus some others off to the home of a Rangers fan.  Needless to say, I was happy to provide that home.

As a matter of fact, I sort of felt like Neftali Feliz and Mike Napoli when I opened this package.

I've never even seen a pack of Panini's 2011 Playoff Contenders Season Ticket cards, so it's nice to get the Rangers without having to bust any myself.  This is the base Josh Hamilton.

I couldn't find too much about the parallels, but this is some sort of Neftali Feliz parallel #148/299.  It didn't scan too well, but some sort of reflective background if you tilt it a bit.

Topps Museum Collection is another product I've never opened.  Unlike Panini, I like these and I wish all cards were printed on that card stock.  That is some serious stuff. This is the Neftali Feliz #105/299.

Please, please Mr. Deckle Edge Mike Napoli, come out of your season long slump!! The Rangers need you back to last year's form!  Why am I shouting!!??

We're not even to the reason Adam sent the package, but the hits are here.  We have a 2012 Archives Nelson Cruz jersey.  It sort of looks like Nelson is trying out for a role as a Walker on The Walking Dead.  Not the best picture.

Here we have traitor ex-Ranger C.J. Wilson, ala his 2012 Heritage Clubhouse Collection card.  I don't really think Wilson is a traitor, but I do think he's a flake.  He wanted to play at home and took big $$ to do it.  Can't really blame him for that.  

Welcome to the Adrian Beltre portion of the package.  First up is a 2011 A&G black bordered mini.  I'm digging this card, but it's not as nice as the next one.

That is some crazy angle the photographer got on this play.  This is a 2012 Topps 1987 mini and it looks like the pic was taken from the plate.  The ball is just above his cap and the intensity on his face is great.

Here is the card that Cardboard Conundrum pulled.  That, my friends, is a 2012 Gypsy Queen Black Framed Paper parallel, #1/1!  I was shocked when it came out of the break.  I was even more shocked when Adam contacted me about sending it my way. That is the definition of generosity.

I couldn't help but scan the back to show the 1/1 mark.  

Adam, thanks so much for the great cards, especially that last one.  I won't forget it and I hope you'll let me pay you back after your move.

As a side note, be generous if you can.  Not just with cards or collectors, but with people in your family, your neighborhood, your town.  It seems that generosity given is more often than not, paid back in a bigger and better way than you can imagine.  I try to be generous here on the blog and I've been paid back many times over.  Have a great weekend my friends.


  1. Whoa, I did a spit take when I saw that Beltre 1/1! Good for you, and what a cool thing to do by Adam!

  2. What a great haul for a trade package! One thing the blog world has learned me is that collector's are more often than not very generous people. Very cool!

  3. Thank you for the kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed the cards.

  4. I have 253 Beltre cards and only 22 are from his non-Dodger days.