Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Well is Dry

The ol' scanned picture file is empty.  

I've got a couple of new trade packages to post, but now I realize what happens when you don't buy anything new.  I'm not blaming it on the Toppsopoly this time either.

I need to find two things.  First, a decent card shop.  The closest one to my house is living in the 90's, as in every 5 year old box on his shelf has the same prices as the day it came out.  Second, I need to find a card show.  Preferably one with some of those amazing dime boxes.  I think I could spend a week looking through those without even noticing the time go by.

These are what my friend would call first world problems.  Such is the life of a card collector.


  1. It seems like not having a good card shop or card show can make collecting a little more difficult especially when you read about great finds at these places...we still have the internet but there is nothing like seeing the cards in person and getting a feel for them ourselves.

  2. Yes, those are first world problems. I have a decent shop to visit, but only get one card show in the area each year. Boo.

  3. No LCS worth going to here. There's a three-times-a-year card show, but I have yet to see a dime box. Still think it's made up.