Thursday, July 12, 2012

My 321st consecutive non-2012 Allen & Ginter post of the year

Every time I don't post about opening a pack of this year's Ginter, I extend my record.  I'm proud of the streak, but I wouldn't mind it ending sometime fairly soon.  I've only looked for Ginter once since it hit retail shops early, but my local big box stores don't usually get stuff early, so I didn't really expect to see anything. 

While you all hold your breath waiting for my to find some Ginter, allow me to post a little "what's going on in this picture" card. 

This is a "play not really near the plate card" as far as I can tell.   I'm not sure what's going on here.  Geno Petralli appears to be slalom skiing.  The umpire, wearing his clothes much too tight, could be the first base ump.  Is Petralli tagging out a runner and then looking back at home?  If so, how did he manage to get the ball to tag out a runner going to first?  Maybe he's part of a rundown in which he caught the runner between third and home and is now looking back at third to see if he can get another runner. 

I'm not sure.  It's a bit confusing, but I still like the photo. 

What say you, good Ginterites? 


  1. No A&G = Play At the Plate, BLOG OF THE YEAR!

  2. Deleted scene from The Matrix???

  3. A&G makes the card world go 'round. ADMIT IT!