Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A sticky situation

The London Olympics are just about 10 days away.  I continue to pick up an Olympic card or two whenever I can.  In this case it was two and they came from a seller on Blowout. 

The Commemorative American Flag Patch cards are my favorite manupatch cards so far.  This one is of Tyler Clary.  Tyler will be competing in two events at the 2012 Olympics. 

I also picked up this Mariel Zagunis sticker auto.   Mariel won individual gold in fencing in 2004 and 2008 and a team bronze medal in 2008.  You may recall my TTM success with Zagunis back in 2009.  Or you may not.  The back of this card says the signing of all Topps autograph cards is witnessed by a Topps reps.  I know that just means they watch the athlete sign a sheet or two of stickers, but I wonder if they are ever tempted to get the athletes to sign something for them personally.  I can just see one of them whipping out his own personal sticker sheet and asking the athlete to sign it. 

I'm looking forward to some Olympic action coming up soon.  I'll be looking to add to my OIympic card collection as well, but it may have to wait until the hoopla dies down after the Olympics are over. 

1 comment:

  1. maybe the reps do bring a baseball with them.
    i'm wondering if topps has some kind of policy forbidding any personal items?

    and yeh...waitin' on the olympiads