Saturday, July 21, 2012

No, this isn't a post about Phil Collins.  Speaking of Phil Collins though, did you know he was a huge Alamo collector?  He has a big collection of artifacts from the Alamo and the people that were there.  He even bought a building near the Alamo so he and another Alamo collector could dig through the floor to find artifacts.  He found a bunch of stuff too. Amazing.

I did say this post wasn't about Phil Collins, so let's move forward.  I wasn't a big fan of Studio back in the day, but I must admit, there are some pretty quirky photos.  And I like quirky.

If you have kids, you might remember trying to have their picture made and the photographer would do silly stuff or "talk" with stuffed animals to try to get the kids to smile.  This photographer must have been hilarious because Bobby Witt looks like he's about to wet his pants.

I've always been a little creeped out by those boudoir photos people make for their sweethearts.   I've actually seen some of those hanging in public view in people's homes and talk about an awkward moment.  Well, it looks like Julio is getting a little too frisky with that bat. Just ignore the line the scanner decided to put on the card.  

I can't believe the same photographer that made Bobby Witt laugh like a pre-schooler at a Wiggles concert took this picture of Goose Gossage.  Maybe he knew they were going to put his real first name on the card.  You'd have thought he would have been happy to be out of New York.

We can't stay in the studio all day so let's move on to some other cards that came my way courtesy of Tom over at Waiting 'Til Next Year.   How about this 1992 Leaf Julio Franco?  I'm guessing he didn't just score the winning run.

I love getting cards like this 1999 SP Prospects Sam Marsonek because I never bought packs like this.  Ol' Sam didn't get much of a taste of the bigs.  He pitched 1.1 innings for the Yankees in one game in 2004.  He didn't give up any runs so that's good.  I don't know what happened to him after that one game.

Worst signing in Texas Rangers history.  Ever.  In 40 years. Yes, that includes Arod.

Julio Borbon made a brief splash and hung around the Rangers for a while, but the speed and bat of Craig Gentry is in his way now.

I don't buy a lot of my retail cards from Target because there are about 5 Wal-marts closer than the closest Target.  That means I miss out on these Retro cards with the old Topps logo. Tom was kind enough to send over the Neftali...

...and the Vladimir.

The big surprise in the box was this 2012 Heritage Josh Hamilton image swap parallel.  This one is pretty nice and something I wasn't lucky enough to pull for myself.

Tom, thanks for the great cards and I'll get back to you asap on what I might have for you.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards! I only bought one pack of Heritage this year and out popped that Hamilton. I was pretty psyched at the time and even more so knowing it has found a good home.

  2. lol I love the Goose card. He looks like he's pissed that he's there doing a photo shoot.

  3. It's okay, Julio Franco. If I had that hair, I'd be pretty upset, too.

  4. I remember when Phil Collins was cool.

    Yes he was.

    Yes he was!

  5. He was! ... And Collins collecting Alamo artifacts is about as random as it gets.