Monday, July 23, 2012

Get OUT!!

That was my reaction when I won the College World Series Contest held by the one and only Zach at Autographed Cards.  Winning any contest is great, but winning one where I actually had to do something, like pick the CWS bracket?  Well, that's just dumb luck.  Of course I wanted to win because I knew the prizes would be some sweet autographs.  I just didn't know how sweet until I actually opened the envelope from Zach.

I opened the envelope and this CWS Preview slid out.   It's a great little program with info on all the teams.  I should have scanned the other side because there is some awesome catcher's gear on the back cover.

The first autographed 8X10 was Barry Larkin.  You'll notice Barry is in his Michigan uniform.  You'll also notice Barry didn't add the HOF inscription.  His induction into the Hall hadn't happened yet, so he was just abiding by the "rules".  Congrats on making the Hall of Fame Barry.

How about someone who was in the Hall of Fame when Zach got the autos?  This is classic Jim Palmer, HOF Class of 90.

The last auto in the batch was one that I've wanted for a long time.  The great Johnny Bench, HOF clasee of 1989!  That is a great photo and an amazing autograph!  I can't believe it's mine!  All mine!!!  Sorry, I got carried away again.  I think I'm going to try to get one of those player plaques that holds a card and an 8X10 so I can hang this one on the wall of my non-existent man cave.

Zach, thanks for the amazing autographs.  You belong in the Generosity Hall of Fame!


  1. Wow, man, congrats! That's an insane trio of autographs to get for free. Bench has an amazing auto and I'm glad for you that it's a shot of him in his tools of ignorance.

    I don't suppose there's any way I could pry that Larkin from you, is there? Maybe if my friend Mr. Bribe pays you a visit?

    Either way, that's awesome!

  2. All three autos are cool, but the Bench is the one I'm most jealous of. Congrats on the win.

  3. While the Bench and Palmer are pretty cool, the Larkin in his Michigan gear is my favorite.

  4. Glad you liked your prizes. In the three years I have done the contest, the bracket you filled out this year has been by far the best. Nice job!

  5. I miss Elaine. ... I never enter Zach's contest because we Northeasterners barely pay attention to college baseball and I'd fail miserably.