Monday, July 30, 2012

You want ugly? I can give you ugly.

The blogosphere Puppetmaster, aka Fuji, has struck again.  This time his question comes courtesy of Dayf.

"What's the ugliest card set you've ever seen?"

It's a great question, but it has unleashed a torrent of ugly cards on these here internets.  I'm going to try not to use the same cards everyone else has and like Fuji said, this just my opinion, so don't get offended.  If you think something else is uglier, you're probably right.  Being a team collector doesn't afford me the luxury to skip over ugly cards.  I still have to have the Rangers, ugly or not.  You know, the cards, not the players.

It's not a language issue, but I've always thought the 2003 Donruss Estrellas were hideous.  You can't even see it here because they don't scan worth a darn.

1990 Classic?  Yea, classic in name only.  These things are ugly.  I think the designers got inspiration from some of the 1980's Hair Bands.


See, told ya.  This is Stryper and I think they received a consulting fee from Classic.

No wise cracks about Will Clark please, but 1991 Bowman is like an unattractive girl with no makeup.

Night Owl can confirm this for me, but I thought a paper put out an "Extra Edition" when earth shattering news happened.  2008 Extra Edition is anything but earth shattering.

Those other cards are all contenders, but this one takes the cake.  I haven't seen the whole set, but I can't imagine there are any good looking cards in 2011 Playoff Contenders Season Ticket.  It's almost as if it's "The Longest Yard" of baseball sets.

I could have picked any number of cards from the junk wax era, but I'm getting nostalgic in my old(er) age and I didn't want to jump on the pile.  There's enough ugliness going around already.

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  1. Great post... how'd you find the 80's glam rock band dressed to match the 1990 Classic set? Love it. Just for that... I have no choice but to throw you another point.