Thursday, July 12, 2012

What were they thinking?

That question could mean a lot of things depending on the "they" you're asking about.   If you're talking about your boss, it could mean how on earth did he get a promotion instead of me?  If you're talking about the Texas Rangers, it could mean how on earth did they give Alex Rodriguez that ridiculous 10 year, $250 million contract?

I don't think upper management took the advice of this MLB Showdown card before they signed that deal. 

Maybe you're not asking the question about your boss or some random GM and a demented team owner.  Maybe your asking the question of someone who makes cards. 

What company in their right mind would manufacture a card that scanned this poorly?  Didn't Sportflics realize this 1987 Pete O'Brien would need to be shown on a blog 25 years down the road?  Sure, it doesn't look quite that bad in person, but in person means NOTHING to the blogosphere!!

What's better than using one goofy picture?  Putting a close up of the same picture on the same card!! Brilliant!

How about we use our magic aging machine and make Mark Teixeira look like he's got a big ol' beer belly?  I guess this shot is from his softball league, circa 2028. 

Last, but most certainly not least, is the Breast Cancer crossover promotion MLB does on Mother's Day.  Having the players wear pink accessories and use pink bats and then auctioning said items to raise money for charity is a great idea.  Upper Deck was ahead of the curve by putting Carlos Lee on what might be the least masculine card ever produced.  The scan does the amount of pink on this card a severe disservice.  

Don't go away thinking I hate these cards.  I'm a team collector and I need at least one of every single Rangers card ever made.  That means I love these cards.  The more I stare at the Lee card, the more love I feel.  *Creepy*. 

These are just a few more cards I have to thank Dustin aka Coot Veal for and so I will, thanks Dustin!!


  1. Glad you liked them/question their terrible design. I was laughing about that Showdown card when I pulled it for you. What a way to get kids excited about a rousing baseball card game: show a manager thinking. Hmmm....

  2. I've been looking at purchasing a scanner since I started my blog. It's so tedious taking pictures, uploading them to the computer, cropping them, and then uploading them to the blog.

    Sportflics! Heck, I may not have a scanner (yet), but I can still get a Sportflics card to photo half-way decent! I know, I'm grasping at straws for a silver lining.