Monday, July 16, 2012

Is it that hard to throw a baseball?

I know throwing a baseball requires some level of exertion.  I know this from experience.  I coach my son's Little League team and I once threw a fastball.  Back in 1983.

You have to figure the harder you throw, the more effort it takes.

Check out the slight clenching of the jaw on this 1993 Triple Play Nolan Ryan.  That looks like his fastball grip, at least the ones I've seen described as his fastball.

There's no "Mystique" behind the fact that Kenny Rogers didn't throw as hard as Nolan Ryan, but you wouldn't know that from the expression on his face.  If you cropped it in close enough you wouldn't know if he was throwing a pitch or having some sort of intestinal distress.

Jayson Durocher played in 45 games for the Brewers in 2002-2003.  He looks like he's working hard.  Look at all the effort on his face.  It didn't work out for the Rangers, but he did pitch in the majors.  Good for him.

It's not just pitchers than put a lot of effort into their throws.  Hank Blalock is ready to put some "mustard" on this ball.

Will Clark may be my favorite player and he may be wearing a cool throwback uniform (even if it's for the Giants), but he's not throwing the ball that hard.  Maybe it's just for the picture, but Will did have a number of cards with odd facial expressions.

Here is Michael Young trying to whip the ball over to first.  Or home.  This 2005 Studio Masterstrokes even comes with a sliver of grey jersey.

That's another great effort by Dustin over at Coot Veal and the Vealtones.  Thanks for the goods.

I think I'll go dust off my fastball.  And pre-schedule an appointment with the orthopedic doctor.


  1. I like that Clark!
    I grew up a MSU fan, and am still one to this day. My dad got to cover the 1984 Bulldog squad back when he was a sports reporter, so that's one of our favorite conversation topics, haha!

  2. Rogers is wondering if the ump can see the illegal substance on his cap brim.

  3. I once threw a ball that records your speed at one of those carnival games. The result was so embarrassing that I'm not even mentioning the mph. Needless to say my biggest flaw as a ballplayer was throwing arm.