Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fun with Catchers

Catchers are cool.  They have cool equipment.  They turn into cool managers.

Scratch that last part.  Give Joe and me "one" minute to look at some catcher cards.

C'mon, don't look at me that way.  Catcher cards can be great.

You have your play at the plate card.  This isn't a catcher card technically and the crop job is horrible.  Sure Gene Larkin looks a little scared, but wouldn't you be scared too?  The catcher gets all that gear and you, the poor sap trying to score, get squat.

Of course, all the gear in the world won't help the catcher if he is nowhere near the plate to tag the runner.  Dave, Dave, Dave, you have to block the plate and get that tag LOWER.

I'm going to go out on a limb and call the runner safe on this play.

Mike LaValliere as the Cookie Monster:  "COOKIE!!  Nyum nyum...good cookie!"

No fair tripping the catcher with your bat.

I scanned this one so far off center, Randy is falling over.

Damon likes this post so much, he's trying to see all the other cards.

Ron thought Damon was wearing a skirt.

See, wasn't that fun?  Chris sure thinks so.

Many thanks to Marcus over at All the Way to the Backstop for these and all other the other catcher cards he sent over.


  1. Nice post, for some reason Don Slaught always seemed to have decent catcher cards, that is one I haven't seen before.

  2. Bahamas great post...catcher cards are the best

  3. You'll see another catcher or two in my Legends of Cardboard series.