Monday, July 30, 2012

Slight Change of Plans

I made a list of "pending" trades a couple of days ago and it's around 20.  I have to apologize to all of you waiting on a response from me about a card I asked about or you asked about or some other stage of a trade.  I've been "volunteered" to help my brother in law move, again, so I'm going to be slammed this week.  It's a 30 mile drive to his house and another 30 miles further to his new house.  I'll be focusing on getting trade packages finished up for you guys and gal next week.  Thanks in advance for your patience.

Ok, the change in plans is that I'm just going to show you the Bowman Platinum "value" pack I opened.  I was going to use it for my August Contest, but I'll come up with something else for that.  The "value" pack had three packs of 4 cards each and a three pack of purple parallels.  Some value.

I'll refrain from complaining about the cost per card because no one forced me to buy it.  I could have gone with a Ginter rack pack, but I'm expecting my Gint A Cuffs box any day now and I don't want to have too many dupes.

Since there were only 15 cards, I just scanned all of them.  I uploaded them in alphabetical order, so this is not the order in which they came out of the pack.  If it was, I might have thrown them out the window of the car (yes, I opened them in the parking lot) after seeing this card.

I wonder how that hand is doing.  I wouldn't wish an injury on any player...not really.

Is Carlos Gonzalez one of the most under appreciated guys in baseball?  Maybe it's because I see so few National League games, but I don't hear anything about him.

Did you see all the "Uggla" card posts inspired by Fuji and Dayf.  Ha ha, I'm here all week.  Except when I'm not.

These next two cards look like orange parallels.  The only problem with that is I don't think there are orange parallels.  Maybe they are the gold ones, but they don't look like the other gold one I pulled.

I wonder if this card is worth an emerald Leonys Martin?

I'm not sure what this card is.  It's Javier Baez, but it's got a textured looking background.

I think this is the gold parallel.   It looks gold anyway.  Or sort of like baby vomit.  

This is after the baby vomit has been cleaned up.

I didn't get any of that scanner cleaning advice until after I scanned these cards.  That's why this purple Joe Panik looks so dirty.

The second Ranger I pulled out of 15 cards.  Not too shabby.

Purple Shelby Miller.

Crooked Tommy Hanson.  Well, he's not crooked...

I pulled one of the Top Prospect inserts.  I guess, if they say he's a Top Prospect, who am I to argue.

The first card out of the first pack was Mr. Yu Darvish.  Not a bad way to start and totally opposite of the ARod at the top.

I already showed this purple Matt Harvey.  I hope his second start goes as well as his first one did.

Most of these cards are already destined for trade packages mentioned in the first paragraph of this highly informative, extremely entertaining post.  If you don't think this post was exciting, just wait.  The August contest is only two days away.


  1. Is that Cossart in a stack headed my way? I'm working on individually buying Astros on ebay, want to make sure I don't double up!