Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh yes I did.

I'm not an artist.  I've never claimed to be an artist.  I've never tried to sell a piece of my own art.  I can barely color inside the lines.  I respect and encourage others to follow their art dreams.  My own son loves to draw and I always give him positive feedback on his art.

Having said all that, I have to bring out the nasty critic for this card.

How on earth am I supposed to look at this card and try to pretend that's Cal Ripken Jr.?  That wouldn't even pass as a  poor rendition of Cal Ripken Sr.  I pulled this out of one of those Value Rack packs I mentioned in this morning's post.  I stopped cold in my tracks when I saw it.  I looked around for a camera crew thinking I was being Punk'd.

I'm guessing the artwork for this card was delivered late on a Friday and some Topps intern called the editor at home and told him he needed to come in and sign off on the Ripken art.  The editor, 4 deep into his first six pack of the night, told the intern it was fine, just set it up to print.

I'd love to meet Cal in person and ask him to sign this card.  I wonder what his reaction would be to this "art".  Before all you custom card/sketch people jump on me for criticizing, let me say I know all of you could have done a better job than this.  I think it would even look better if he had a pony head.  I'll bet you know who could fix that right now and Topps could get the "corrected" card in boxes and blasters.


  1. I think the sketch cards this year look slightly better than past years, which is to say - a notch below absolutely horrible.

  2. Not as bad as some of the Goudey stuff out there.

  3. I submit to you the image that first came rushing back from 7th grade when I saw this drawing:

  4. cal really should get that snake-like growth on his forehead looked at

  5. As far as art work goes it is good, but as far as Cal's image UGH. It makes him look ancient. IF it was meant as a "Time Warp" image predicting Cal making an appearance for the 60th anniversary of his record breaking game OK. Somehow I don't think that is the intention.

  6. I know from experience how difficult it is to sketch human beings to exact likenesses. That's why I think Topps shouldn't have issued these. Card collectors are too critical.