Monday, July 2, 2012

Questionable Border Crossing

Let me start by saying there will no dissing of hockey cards on this post.  That's the very least I can do for Captain Canuck for sending me some Rangers cards from Canada.   Besides, I might actually do a hockey post later this week just for him.  Hello...hello...where did everyone go?

Cap and I trade from time to time and he always send something unexpected.  I think he may have been paying attention when I posted my Score want list recently.  

How skinny can you be and still be a major leaguer?  Is there anyone playing now that is as skinny as Oddibe McDowell was on this 1989 Score card?

I had some childish idea to make a burping joke in my post title because of this 1991 Score Kevin Belcher.  Don't go thinking I'm being mature, the truth is I forgot what title I was going to use since I scanned these cards on Friday.  Just so Kevin doesn't feel totally slighted, I'll tell you he got 15 at bats in 16 games with Texas in 1990.  You don't need to know anything else.

I don't know what year this Juan Gonzalez Hot Rookie is from (1990?) but he went from Hot Rookie to Hot Player to Hot Mess.  I wonder how many major leaguers went from sure fire Hall of Famer to never heard from again like Juando.

How about a little Michael Young to get your Monday afternoon/evening off to a start?

Card of the pack:  a sweet 1997 Skybox EX2000 Will Clark.  I love this card, even if it is overly confusing. It looks even better in person.

Thanks Cap!


  1. Dee Gordon is pretty slim. Looks like he's all arms and legs.

  2. Dee Gordon is freaklishly skinny.