Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cleaning Tips...You got 'em, I need 'em.

I've tried everything to clean my scanner.  Lint free cloth, cloth diapers, pointy sticks. You name it, I've tried it.

I'm even thinking of grinding this 1996 Leaf Steel Will Clark into steel wool next.  Look at him, he looks like he's playing in a dust or snow storm.  

What do you guys use to clean your scanners?  


  1. I just use a lens cleaner cloth and glass cleaner. It seems to work for a while, but I always have to redo it occasionally.

  2. I use Pledge wipes designed for electronics. They come in a two tone blue package that I get at Safeway. (grocery store)
    They work brilliantly and leave no streaks at all.

    Now if I only remembered to do it more often......

  3. I've tried the lens cleaner and cloth with little success. I need to get some of those electronics wipes. Thanks for the input guys!

  4. Simple Windex. But sounds like others are more "high tech" than me.