Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Same Studio, Different Acts

Welcome to the Studio, circa 1993.

Hall of Famer

Hall of Shamer



Beat up Robin Ventura

Sent his brother Ozzie to fight in his place in a celebrity boxing match

324 wins, 5,724 strikeouts, 3.19 ERA

0 wins, 0 strikeouts, 27.00 ERA

Fans love him

Not so much

That's just a couple of the great cards I got from Dustin at Coot Veal and the Vealtones.  I'll be showing off some more in the days ahead.   Thanks Dustin!


  1. I love that Studio set, and you just made me love it a little more. Hilarious, man.

  2. "0 wins, 0 strikeouts, 27.00 ERA" good one.

  3. While scrolling down through the alternating Ryan and Canseco cards, after the "Beat up Ventura" card, I fully expected to see "Beaned by a fly ball" under the next Canseco card!

  4. Awesome post - love the cards - despite the fact that Canseco is who he is I love the way Studio used the early 90's Rangers logo as the back ground.

  5. Nolan never gave up a home run off his noggin' either.