Saturday, July 28, 2012

In the beginning...

My collecting days started in the Spring of Summer of 1981.  My friend, who's father owned a small convenience store, told us about something the store had just received.  Baseball cards.

I raced the two blocks to the store.  There it was, a whole box of 1981 Fleer baseball cards.  The price was 32 cents per pack, including tax.  I bought three packs that trip.

I remember scrounging at home in the couch, under my bed and anywhere else I could think of to find a few cents.  Every time I got 32 cents together, I'd go get another pack.  Until they ran out.

Later we were able to find 1981 Donruss and Topps, but it was Fleer that first grabbed my attention.

I've taken breaks from collecting over the years, but I always come back for more.


  1. Who would have thought that 1981 Fleer would have an impact on so many collectors. ;-)

  2. I have fond memories of searching the couch cushions for change for 1987 Topps cards. I still remember a pack was exactly 42 cents at the pharmacy that was two blocks from my house!

  3. I can remember standing on the counter in my house looking on top of the refrigerator for change. No luck.

  4. So many memories of my first years obtaining cards (1974-76). I can remember sitting on the side of my bed, facing the double window, looking out over the city (we lived on a hill) and opening a wax pack of '75 Topps. That's a great memory.