Friday, July 20, 2012

A collector collects...

Fuji asked about other things we collect.  Well, I've dabbled in a few things.  

One thing I collected for awhile was coins. I wrote about my best coin, both in terms of the coin itself and how I came to own it, right here.  

I also had a phase where I pursued celebrity autographs.  I wrote about getting autographs from Kathy IrelandMadonnaCarrie Fisher and a host of others.  

One thing I've always had a passion for is history.  I majored in history and I am still fascinated by our own history, particularly the Civil War.  I have a collection of over 30 Civil War books.  Some of them are written from the perspective of the South or North.  Some are biographies and some are just full of the most amazing, and many times sad, photography.  The oldest book in my collection is not just about the Civil War, but one of the most pivotal figures in the Civil War and our nation's history.

This is the spine of a book called The Life and Public Services of Abraham Lincoln.  It's not in great shape and the spine is detached from the book.

Just inside the cover is this amazing picture of Abraham Lincoln.   


It's hard to see, but this book was published shortly after Lincoln's assassination in 1865.  This book is 147 years old.

Written inside is the most amazing thing.  It says: "A. Bradford's Book, June 25, 1865.  Price Four Dollars".

This book is a pretty cool piece of history and something I'll always treasure.

Thanks for making me think about it Fuji.


  1. fabulous. very cool.

    on the other hand, too bad there's no swatch of his stovepipe hat. :)

  2. Well, that's one Lincoln book I don't own. Wow, that's a terrific piece. I'm jealous. My oldest Lincoln book is from the 20s.

  3. This is awesome! I'm a huge history fan... and this is one helluva book. Thanks for sharing.