Friday, July 27, 2012

Bring on the World!!

The opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympic Games should be going right now.  Of course, we American rebels must wait until prime time to watch the tape delayed version (do they even use tape anymore?).

I'm excited the Olympics are finally here because it's another opportunity for the USA to anger the rest of the world with our obnoxiousness.  Well, it happens, but that's not why I'm glad the Olympics are back.  It's just because I love to watch the events.

I was glad to hear that Mariel Zagunis was given the honor of carrying in the flag for Team USA.

She was one of my first TTM successes back not long after I got back into the hobby.

I know what I'll be watching over the about you?  



  1. the ceremonies are pretty cool, too bad you're missing them.
    I forget that you americans are raised by the tv gods to believe that everything happens in the world during prime time and between conveniently scheduled commercial breaks.

    Up here, it's live when it happens, and commercial free.

  2. I'll watch swimming, boxing, and soccer but that is it. The opening ceremonies don't interst me at all and of those three sports I'll only watch the Americans.

  3. I will be watching all the volleyball (beach/indoor and mens/womens) as I can.

  4. The Olympics means lots of work for me (we have one coming up you know), but it's a fun kind of work -- and I can't say that about all the sports we cover.