Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Old School Kansas City

I predicted Robinson Cano would win the Home Run Derby.  I hope my predicting skills are better when it comes to saying the A.L. is going to win the game. 

The Kansas City Athletics may not play in KC anymore, but I'll take an Athletics card over just about every Royals card ever made (except the Brett rookie card.  Maybe.). 

Here we have one of those beautiful 1956 play at the plate cards.  This Gus Zernial card is in amazing condition.  This card came to me from the one and only Cardboard Don

Al knows I like presidential stuff and included this great Ronald Reagan Presidential First Pitch insert from 2011 Opening Day. 

I know Gypsy Queen seems to draw a lot of different responses from people, but I'll take any and all Rangers blue parallels.  This Adrian Beltre is #557/599. 

Al threw in a couple of bat relics too.  The interesting thing is that even though these were made by different manufacturers, they both have the "Piece of the Game" name.  This is a 2000 Upper Deck SP Game Bat Edition Ivan Rodriguez relic.  That's a mouthful. 

The other is a 2002 Playoff Juan Gonzalez Piece of the Game bat card.  This card is nice enough, but the best part is on the back. 

This is one of those rare cards that shows the actual bat the sliver came from and it's a shame that Topps can't do the same thing today.  It would take seconds to get a picture and load it onto a computer. 

Al, thanks for the great cards and Go AMERICAN LEAGUE!!

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