Tuesday, July 10, 2012

That's how you do unlicensed cards

I think we're all familiar with the concept of the unlicensed baseball card at this point.  There is a right way, a wrong way and then the very Upper Deckian "illegal" way of doing unlicensed cards. 

Take this 2010 Upper Deck Darren O'Day card.  As a former submariner, I can appreciated the "submariner" motion of the photo.  As a Topps lawyer (not really), I don't appreciate the unlicensed card showing the logo of the Rangers on the cap.  Upper Deck really stretched when it came to the 2010 set.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a 2010 Upper Deck blog start someday just to highlight the cards that push the envelope. 

Hey...no, no NO!  You don't have time.  Sorry, the voices in my head were calling. 

You want unlicensed done right?  How about 2010 Obak.   That David Clyde is awesome.  He looks like one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, coming down to pitch plagues and famine across the land.  Unlicensed cards should be interesting, not "barely legal".  I'd take one of these Clyde cards over the whole 2010 UD set any day. 

These cards came to Texas courtesy of Rod over at the great blog Padrographs, Abner to Zimmer.  He had a package of Rangers ready to ship so I claimed it.  Of course, I need to find him so Padres to send back.  That shouldn't be too hard. 

Rod sent over a couple of cards from sets I didn't have the chance to buy even a single pack. One was this 2011 Topps Heritage Minor League Barrett Loux.  Loux is playing for the Rangers AA Frisco Rough Riders.  He is 12-1 with a 3.61 ERA in 16 starts this season.  Not bad.  Not bad at all. 

I've never bought a pack of Topps Pro Debut so it was nice to get a Ranger from that product.  Luis Sardinas is a well regarded shortstop prospect.  He's only 19 and is currently playing with the Single A Hickory Crawdads.  He's hitting .296 with 17 RBIs and 21 steals in 59 games this season.  He's blocked at SS by Jurickson Profar in the minors and Elvis Andrus with the Rangers, so if he doesn't get traded, he'll probably change positions. 

What to say about this card?  It's ugly, but it's Josh so I needed it. 

There is nothing special about this 2012 Topps Derek Holland card, but I showed it to highlight the difference on this Alexi Ogando card. 

I had no idea what this card was at first.  The Gold Rush stamp in the upper left corner through me off.  A little internet research led to the answer.  This Gold Rush card was part of a 30 card promo sent out to some shop owners before 2012 Topps hit the street.  I don't have a full checklist, but I'm glad to have what I hope is the only Ranger in the set. 

Rod also included this card of Kenny Rogers.  I have a Kenny Rogers autograph that I got on a program.  It looks a little bit like this one, but not as sloppy.  I'm not conviced this is real, but if it is, it'll be my first Kenny auto on a card. 

Rod, thanks for the cards.  Be on the lookout for a package of Padres! 

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  1. Ha. I just got one of those Gold Rush cards a couple weeks ago. This gives me hope that it's the only Dodger to chase.