Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bound by law

I said I would show the rest of the 2012 A&G Blaster and so I will, bound by blog law.

I was mildly disappointed in my first pack, but it did get better.  In order to spare you, assuming you choose to continue to the end of the post, I'll just show 1 card per pack.

Pack 2

Drew Storen, Nationals
Kirk Herbstreit, ESPN college football dude.
Carlos Lee, Astros
Frank Kraft Code card.  Yawn.

Ian Kinsler, regular back mini.  Now we're talking, but as many others have said, too much cropping and while I love horizontal cards, it's not working for me here.
Osborne Earl Smith, aka Ozzie Smith, What's in a  Name insert.

Pack 3

Ricky Nolasco, Marlins
Johan Santana, Mets
John Axford, Brewers
Jed Lowrie, Astros

Johnny Cueto, black bordered mini
Adam Wainwright, Cardinal SP

Pack 4

Erick Aybar, Angels
Nick Swisher, Yankees
Tim Federowicz, Dodgers

Abraham, People of the Bible mini.  I'll be trying to collect this set.

Signing of the Declaration of Independence Historical Turning Points.  I like these as well.
Carl Demonte Crawford, What's in a Name

I'm not going to drag this out too long so I'll wrap up this blaster in one more post.  There's a hit in the last four packs so don't miss out. I don't know how'll you go on if you do.


  1. I still can't believe that you went that many non allen and ginter posts! Crazy. I'm living vicariously through the blog sphere to see what everybody pulls.

  2. Did you ever finish off the bible set? Unfortunately, I don't have any for you if you didn't.