Friday, July 13, 2012

A whole box of random

You know what I collect.  Rangers, Will Clark, play at the plate cards, catchers.  Pretty simple right?

You also know I love a contest.  I have contests, I enter contests.  I don't care what the prize is, I just have fun with it.  I've been extremely lucky to have won a number contests.  I've gotten great stuff.  The latest was a big ol' box of random cards from Derek over at Tomahawk Chopping.    I don't think there was a single Ranger in the box, but it did have teams lots of Ray, Jays, A's, Angels, Twins, White Sox, and Royals, many of which I'll be slipping into trade packages.  Derek, sly dog that he is, even slipped in a few Yankees.   I pulled a very small sample of some of the greatness that comes in a random box. 

That's someone I collect, a 2009 UD Signature Stars Joe Mauer.  The design looks like an opening curtain, but is spoiled by the big UD logo in the upper right corner.

That's how you do a 3D/Lenticular card.  Not like this one.  This is my favorite insert from 2012 Opening Day.

Another mascot for my son.  Appropriate since the All-Star game was in KC earlier this week.

Yet another card for my son.  He latched on to Chris Iannetta as his favorite Rockies player two summers ago when we were in Denver and puts away any Iannetta cards he gets.  I'll give him this 2012 Heritage Chrome version to add to the stack.

I'll be keeping a handful of the cards Derek sent over, but some of them will be making their way into trade packages in the coming weeks.  Thanks for the contest and the cards Derek!

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