Monday, December 7, 2009

2009 Topps 206 Blaster Break

While strolling through Wally world I just happened to walk by the miniscule card section. "Really, it wasn't on purpose honey."

Yea, she didn't buy it either.

I was a little surprised to see the retail phantom had restocked the section and there was a whole row of 2009 Topps 206 blasters. Right next to a row of 2009 Topps Heritage High Number blasters. I'm more interested in the 206 so that is what I picked up. I'm not going to show you every card from every pack. Just a few highlights.

This was the first card in the first pack. It doesn't happen often, but I like starting off with one of my favorite Rangers.

The one per pack thick parallels were Ian Kinsler (yes!!), Sonnanstine, Drew, Matsuzaka, Street, Owings, Holliday and Coghlan. I don't hate them. Yet. I might start if I try to put the set together. I am glad I pulled the Kinsler.

The minis were Mariano Rivera, Jason Giambi, Ryan Braun, Ivan Rodriguez, Matsuzaka, Kazmir, Samardzija, and Manny! They were all Piedmonts except for the Polar Bear Pudge. I'm undecided on chasing the minis too....I'm still after so many A&G minis!

The two most interesting cards were the Derek Holland (another Ranger!) and the Jackie Robinson. They look nice and normal on the front.....

...and like this on the back. I read on another blog (I'd give credit, but I can't remember where) that these are No Numbered SP variations.

I like these enough to at least put together the base set. I think I'll pass on the Heritage High numbers. Not that I don't like them, I just can't afford to do it all.


  1. You lucked out on the Rangers. Nice! If only I was so lucky in getting cards like that I wanted. Stupid Jeters always eluding me.

  2. I should buy packs for you Sooz...all I ever seem to pull are Yankees!

  3. I'm not crazy about the set, but that Jackie is the hit of the box.

  4. Sooz, I'm sure I have a Jeter or two laying around somewhere if you want to unload some Rangers.

    Night Owl, I was thinking the same thing...

  5. My wife know where to find me in Target every time!!