Monday, December 21, 2009

Drowning in Card Transactions

I almost went with an "Oops, I did it again" reference. But I didn't want you thinking of Britney Spears this close to Christmas.

Sometimes my "wants" get ahead of my capabilities to follow through when I claim something another blogger puts up for trade. The latest incident was Thoughts and Sox posting an 08 UDX Frank Catalanotto for trade. I don't have a Cat auto and he's in Ranger garb so I claimed it. Problem is, I don't have any Red Sox autos to trade him. Fortunately, Spiff over at Texas Rangers Cards made a request just in case I flaked, so I told T&S to let Spiff have a run at it.

I also claimed a couple of cards from Beardy's Unique break. I DID have something to offer Beardman and that one is pending.

Sometimes I get so many things going I just can't keep track of all of them. Here are a few I'm aware of....and I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

I need to send Troll some cards for his break. He's doing a "mid-90s" two box + break with just a couple of teams left so check that out if you're not already in it.

I need to send Cards on Cards a couple of cards he claimed from a pack break I posted.

Autographed Cards also claimed a couple of cards that I need to send out.

Let's not forget the Wicked One requesting a Greinke Polar Bear mini.

I think First Day Issues is sending me some trade-bait cards that I need to reciprocate on...

Same with GCRL who wants to do a Rangers for Dodgers swap.

I claimed a mis-cut Rangers card from Nachos Grande and need to send a card for it.

A fellow Rangers collector, Spiff from Texas Rangers Cards contacted me a while back about a Rangers for Rangers swap and I want to do soon as I get organized. I haven't forgotten SPIFF!!

I think that's all...I think it is, I think it is. If I didn't mention you and we have a deal in the works, I may have forgotten about it. Please let me know! I may need a reminder whether it is a trade or a claim either one of us made. Thanks for your patience and help.

Oh, I don't want anyone to think I'm complaining about this. I love it. It's been a blast sending and receiving packages. I just need to be a little more organinzed about it!!

CORRECTION: In a post a couple of days ago I mentioned the Phungo Originals might have been the reward for a contest for guessing the total number of Home Runs hit in the World Series. Actually, that was a contest held by Condition: Poor and the prize was a few cards from each team in the 2009 playoffs. Sorry for mix up Condition: Poor and thanks for the cards.


  1. You need a list for your lists!

  2. That makes me feel a lot better about all of my trades in progress. Sorry to anyone who is waiting on cards

  3. Dude, just read this... I wish I knew about the Thought and Sox auto deal. When I saw his post I was going to claim that for you, but I saw you already had... Sorry that didn't work out. Trading does have a way of becoming overwelming sometimes, but envelopes in the mailbox does make it worthwhile...

  4. Don't sweat it Troll. I'm sure there will be other cards for me to claim. As a matter of fact, I claimed one earlier today!!

  5. No worries on a possible trade. Just let me know when you're ready. Not sure I had anything T&S wanted either.

  6. I got nothing here either. Been here a few weeks ago though, trying to keep up your end of things can get a bit overwhelming at times...