Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Troll Strikes Again

With a title like that, you would think I got a package from the Troll today. Well, this one came in back on October 27th so maybe this was a "trick or treat" treat. I did get packages today from Mr. Scott, a reader without a blog, Roll out the Barrel and Padrographs. You'll see those eventually as I continue my efforts to catch up.
Back to the Troll Man. Many of you already follow The Collective Troll. Many of you already trade with The Collective Troll. He's a phenomenal trader and blogger. He collects a variety of things so it's not difficult too find something he needs. He also recently completed the 1978 Topps set and is airing it out on the blogosphere at The Nitty Gritty. Check it out. Comment on it. Enjoy it.

Now on to the Goodness that is a Troll Package. Let me start with the cards I didn't take shots of. There were 10 Will Clarks--that's a winning package already. There were Plays at the Plate which will be featured later. There were Kinslers, Mauers and Hamiltons OH MY! Marck even sent over a 2009 A&G Code Card. Did those guys ever get their prize from Topps yet? I didn't think so. Here are the pics.

I'm posting this one for the sake of a laugh it gave me. When I opened the package and saw this 2008 UD Dioner Navarro, I immediately remembered sending it to the Troll. He sent it back when I started blogging and looking for Plays at the Plate.

This is an oversized Dr. Pepper Omar Vizquel card. I'm not sure if it came in a 12 pack or what, but it's nice and almost unstorable. Somehow I felt comfortable having Omar on the bench last season.

You won't believe what it says on the back right corner of this 1987 Fleer Sticker Larry Parrish. It says "Bend and Peel"! Bend and Peel? You DON'T do that to cards. Even if they are stickers. Unless you're a kid and need a Larry Parrish sticker on your school binder.

The first time I saw this 2008 Topps Trading Card History Joe Mauer was in this package. It's not a great shot or background. Actually, it looks like he's sitting on the toilet. Maybe they airbrushed his pants on and the toilet out of the shot.

You've seen it before. You know of it's greatness. This 2009 Topps David Murphy is my favorite shot of 2009. Even if that batboy headed to the plate is in an awkward place.

I mentioned above that the Troll recently finished up his 1978 Topps set. He must have had a few dupes because he sent me this awesome Rangers Team checklist. It's awesome because it is pre-1981 when I started collecting and because I can see part of the old scoreboard at Arlington Stadium. Do you know of any other cards that have that scoreboard in the background?

Here we have a couple more sweet 78s. Jim Mason and Dave May. Dave gets the nice, tropical background, while Jim gets the batting cage. The back of Jim's card says he is co-holder of the MLB record of 4 doubles in a 9-inning game. He accomplished that on July 8, 1974. 35 years later, he is still co-owner of the record. It's been done 17 times since Jim did it and 48 times overall (going back to 1880).

The card of the trade is this 2008 A&G Jarrod Saltalamacchia auto. Salty's auto leaves a lot to be desired, but it is a mini and that name was intended for an 8 X 10.
Troll, thanks again for this trade and all the others!


  1. Its always awesome reading your blog, even better when your posting cards I sent you!!! I have more lying in wait to go to Texas-probably after Christmas. I got your package today-THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! That made my very busy week. To give proper credit where proper credit is due-Duane from Democratic Roadkill is the giftgiver of the Salty auto, I was just the middle man. So glad ya liked everything!

  2. Wow that package took much longer then expected. I started a blog now so you should check out. Hope you enjoyed the cards.

  3. I'm going to have to find some of those Dr. Pepper cards!! I loves me some D.P.