Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hey, it's Mine Now!

Back in September, Derek from Hey, That's Mine showed off some A&G he opened. I was hot and heavy after the minis at that point and Derek was kind enough to mail over a few. He also sent a few Rangers, which is difficult because we both collect them. Here is a little of what Derek sent.

These are what I was after. Derek threw in a black bordered Max Scherzer as well. I think that means I only need about 300 black bordered minis to be finished. Never gonna happen.

I am "this" close to cracking the code. Just kidding, even if it hadn't been solved already, I'd still be "this" far away from doing it. I wonder if Topps has delivered the prize yet. I'm guessing not since I haven't read about it.

I'm not posting this one because it is a super rare card of an awesome guy. I'm posting it becasue it is an overproduced card of a major head case.

I like this 1998 Leaf Ivan Rodriguez card. If you look closely you can see the bat just under and parallel to the team name. I bought tons of this product. If I still had all of it I could probably give ever blogger a complete set.

Derek, thanks for the help with the minis. We'll get another deal going soon.


  1. Glad you liked them all. September seems like forever ago.

  2. Big D was the first trade I ever made out here in the blogosphere!