Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two Packs of Shiny Circa 2004

These are the two 2004 Topps Chrome packs I picked up at "the" card shop a few days ago. I picked up one pack each of series 1 and 2. They packs only have 4 cards so the chances of a great pull or even a Ranger aren't all that good. Let's see what was in the first pack.
2004 Topps Chrome Series 1 $3.99/pack, 4 cards

#102 Brad Ausmus--I pulled the Black Refractor of the last time I opened one of these packs.
#182 Duston Mohr
#197 Matt Clement

#153 Gold Refractor Jason Kendall (1:5) I like the picture, I like the gold, I don't like the Pirates or Jason Kendall
2004 Series Two Topps Chrome $3.99/pack

#371 Coco Crisp
#361 Sidney Ponson
#426 A.J. Burnett
Nothing to write home about in that pack.
PP 28 Presidential Pastime Refractor Warren Harding--I like these but I pulled a better one last time (JFK). This is the only card I want to keep.
If you want any of these just let me know. Maybe I'll have some "sick" mojo next time. Ha, I wouldn't count on it.


  1. Yeah that Kendall picture is really sweet. It reminds me of a shot you'd see in the 1974 Topps set.

  2. That Warren Harding is awesome! Would you trade it?

  3. You just might have to send that Mohr and Kendall my way. Dustan has played for the local Wichita Wingnuts the past two years and Kendall was recently added to the Royals. If you don't want them, hold onto them for me. For Mohr, I'm waiting to see if Wichita brings him back. Kendall is just a matter of if he appears at Fanfest this year.

  4. Beardster, anything is possible. Shoot me an email. I might even have some stuff off your wantlists.


  5. I like the president cards. And the picture should have taken up more space on that gold card, way too much gold...