Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Someone tell her to stay away from the card aisle

My mother-in-law was up to her old tricks again over the weekend. She picked up two discounted blasters and three of those three pack re-pack things that cost $4.98 at Wal-Mart. One of the blasters was 2008 Bowman for $9.97. It has 8 packs, 10 cards per pack, for a total of 80 cards. I opened it, but it was tooooooo boring to post anything from it.

The second blaster will remain nameless because I'm going to open it for a contest around January 1st.

The three re-packs contained the following packs:

One re-pack had 1 2007 Topps, 1 2007 Fleer, and 1 2008 Topps Heritage.

One had the 2007 Topps and 2007 Fleer along with the 2007 Bowman Heritage.

The last one had a 2007 Topps, a 2007 UD First Edition and a 2007 UD Masterpiece.

2007 Topps makes me a little nautious, plus I pulled nothing in those, so there aren't any pretty pics.

The 2007 Bowman Heritage also produced nothing.

Here's some of what I did pull.

The 2007 Fleer produced two Rookie Sensations. Ian Kinsler and Jon Lester. I also pulled some sort of mini Jered Weaver.

I pulled Trou Tulowitzki rookies out of the Bowman Heritage and UD First Edition. I just posted these because somehow, The Collective Troll found a Rockies collector. Come and get these if you want.

The best of the 2008 Heritage was the Minnie Minoso/Ichiro Then and Now and 2 black backs, Ichiro and Polcanco.

This was the best of the bunch. The 2007 Masterpieces pack had four cards and here they are in all their glory. I really like the Griffey and the Maris.
That's really it. Other than some base cards which I didn't post. The only cards I want to keep are the Kinsler Rookie Sensation and the Maris Masterpiece. All other cards, including any unlisted/unposted cards are available to claim. That includes the 2008 Bowman. Just leave a comment with the card or card number you'd like and I'll see if it's in there.


  1. Masterpieces bored me a little for a while, but now looking back at them, they're really nice. They're different. They're not boring.

  2. I'll take any unwanted 2007 Bowman Heritage cards off your hands. I've been lazily sort of psuedo-collecting that set for a couple of years now.

  3. Madman, there are only 5 of those, but I'll send them your way...along with a Cardinal of two...

  4. I'm the Rockies collector that Troll dug up...I am interested in the cards of Tulo and any other Colorado cards you wanna trade. LMK

  5. Nut, Not a problem and I do have some Rocks for you. Just drop me an email!!

  6. Hey, free cards from the mother-in-law? I'll take that.

  7. Lucky to have a family member that appreciates the hobby. Or just likes you enough to enable you.

  8. Ah, Kurt is playing the same game as I!! But I could jump ahead to January and see what the other blaster was now...