Thursday, December 10, 2009

I have Issues

I'm starting to go a little crazy trying to catch up on my trade posts. I've got the packages stored in a locker at work awaiting the picture taking, downloading and editing process so I can get them posted. It seems to be a never-ending task. And I love it! I am seriously trying to get caught up and I hope to get to that point soon. Today I just reached in the locker and dug down to pull out a random package. It turned out to be another big envelope from Bud over at First Day Issue. Bud has a knack for sending some really nice Rangers and all he wants from me is Mariners cards. I think it works out well for both of us. Here is the latest installment from Bud.

So far we've included a little football in each trade package just for grins. These are some of the Cowboys Bud filled out the package with. As if it needed filling--he sent over 50 Rangers cards!
If you look closely at the Marion Barber in the top left corner, it looks like he was almost trapped in his own end zone by one of the Patriots.

This 2004 Bazooka Brian Jordan mini might be one of the oddest card poses ever. Not to mention painful.

This 2007 Topps Opening Day Angels-Rangers card makes me want to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Every once in a while I'll see a card of someone I've heard of, but didn't remember being a Ranger. This 1998 Score Jim Leyritz qualifies. It may be because Jim played 903 games in 11 seasons and only 37 of those games were with Texas at the end of 1997.

Some cards just make you laugh. Or maybe it's just me. This 1983 Fleer John Grub features Mr. Grubb drinking, and possibly advertising, "Rangers Aid". If the whole team was drinking this stuff, it's no wonder it didn't catch on because the Rangers posted a non-stellar 64-98 record in 1982.

This 2000 UD MVP Rusty Greer is a ho-hum card from a ho-hum set, but it features one of my favorite Rangers and that is good enough for me. Rusty just played the game the right way, all-out, all the time. I wish they had given him a shot a hitting coach this season.

I didn't pull any of these 2009 UD Series Two Starquest cards. It might be because I never opened a single pack of 2009 UD. That said, it's nice to have the Kinsler, silver common version.

These Power Up cards crack me up. This 2004 Rafael Palmeiro is definitive proof that that deer in the headlights denial he gave Congress regarding his steroid/ped use was not true. Look at the size of his Barry Bondsesque head!!

This 1992 Fleer Nolan Ryan might be my favorite card in the batch. It's a little cartoonish, but the message is clear. Smoking ball=Ryan throws heat. And a lot of it. Tally marks=you ARE going to strike out weakling. The best part may be the line on the back. "Who's next".

It is with mixed emotions I post this 2003 Playoff Memorabilia Mark Teixeira Tools of the Trade jersey card #198/250. I probably wouldn't have such disdain for Mark if he wasn't a Yankee. I know there are untold legions of Yankee fans out there and I can't blame you for being a Yankees fan. They do have a few skins on the wall. For the one or four Yankees fans who read the blog, it's nothing personal against you. Still, it's a nice blue swatch.
Bud, thanks as always and I'm sure we'll do this again sometime!


  1. I remember that Barber run, he was "this close" to being dropped for a safety about 3 times on the same carry.

    Brian Jordan looks like he's playing a game of solo Twister, but without the mat!

    I got one of those Ryan cards recently also, it's a great one. I sure hope whoever ends up owning the Rangers keeps him around!

  2. That John Grubb card always made me laugh when I saw it, glad it found a nice home. I can't stand Teixeira, he has permanent "smug face". Glad you liked the cards, expect more soon!

  3. more power up cards!! woot woot!! and I bet Brian Jordan is hunting for a certain photographer...