Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Issues--Computers and New Collectors

Surprise, this isn't another trade post with First Day Issues. Although if it was, I'm sure it would be loaded with amazing cards.

No, this is about actual weekend issues.

First of all, my home computer decided to go on strike. The collective bargaining agreement with my computer wasn't set to expire until next season, but that didn't keep it from walking out on me. I know it's not serious. How could I know that you ask? Go ahead, ask? Well, since you asked, I know because the computer will come on. The monitor will come on. The problem is, I was under the desk cleaning and did something bad to the connection so no picture from the puter shows up. I have a serious love/hate relationship with technology. My brother-in-law is my personal geek squad so he may come over on Monday to look at it.

Basically, I said all that to say that I missed checking the blogs/commenting over the weekend. I ususally try to keep up on my Iphone, but it is a major pain to leave comments that way. You could say I'm texting challenged and that makes for awkward comments. I ususally wait until Sunday night at work to comment unless it's a contest...we all know I love a contest. Of course that means I always miss out on the sig for the STS contest held over at Phungo. If you see days old comments from me that is probably why.

Another thing that happened over the weekend was that I gave my 7 year old his first box of cards. Several weeks ago, while watching me sort baseball cards with my 9 year old son, he said he wanted to collect too. However, he and and his brother CANNOT like the same foods, the same movies or collect the same kinds of cards. That would be to easy.

While perusing the card section at our local Wal-Mart he said, "Dad, I want to collect football trading cards." I thought he was being a little formal until he showed me the cards he meant and right there on the package it says "Football Trading Cards". Ok I said. He didn't have any money and wasn't due any so I told him I had some cards at home. Like a good father, I promptly forgot. (Ok, I'm not the father of the year this year. I still have my trophy from last year anyway.) On Saturday, while cleaning and "breaking" the above mentioned computer, he brought it up again. Don't ask why, but in a three drawer rolling storage unit under my desk I have pads, pens, rubber bands, printer ink cartridges, cd-rom games and one previously opened, never sorted, 2002 Topps Football Trading Cards. He was so happy. There were 12 packs with 38 cards in each pack. They were still in the packs since at that time in my life I was a "pull out the hits/inserts, who cares about the base" kind of guy. I'm reformed from that now. He and I had a great time sorting the cards while we halfway watched the Cowboys continue their December tradition of losing. Like my other son, I don't know if this will stick. I do know that we had 155 doubles in the box and he expects me, ME!!, to trade him other cards for his dupes. I think I may have created a couple of wax monsters.

And I'm loving it!


  1. Nicely done on the "creation" of another collector!! Little does my two week old son know, but he is also going to be a collector. He already has a set of '09 Topps, a nearly-completed set of '09 Topps Updates and Highlights, and a Jeter/Griffey Jr dual swatch (courtesy of grandpa)... not a bad start, eh? I should trade him for that dual swatch before he knows any better...

  2. Don't let him get the best of you on that trade!

  3. Ha ha. I love stories about dads and their kids getting into collecting cards together.

    Quietly guide him to baseball cards please!

  4. Awesome for hooking the next generation!!