Friday, December 18, 2009

First Day Issues Had A Contest--Guess who won

I know Bud over at First Day Issues is reading this and saying "I had a contest?" Well it was way back in October and I won! The prize was a 2009 A&G Relic card, some random A&G cards and he included a couple of Rangers and a 1/1 card!!

This 2009 Goodwin Josh Hamilton was one of the two Rangers in the prize pack. I haven't heard a peep about this set since Topps 206 came out. I only bought a couple of blasters of this myself.

Would you rather have to be surrounded by these A&G guys...

or these A&G ladies? Uh huh, me too.

You might think this 2009 A&G C.C. Sabathia jersey card was the top prize in the contest. It wasn't. How many jersey swatches that size can you get out of a Sabathia jersey? I'm guessing they didn't number these because #23,408/25,000 wouldn't fit on the back of the frame.

Now this is the prize of prizes!! First, the back of this wonderful 2009 Allen & Ginter Derek Jeter 1/1. Hand numbered and B E A utiful. I know you want to see the front. You're dying to see the front. Ok, here goes...

There you have it. Bask in it's glory! This shall go into the vault until the day my oldest can appreciate it for it's incredible market value. Until then...thank you Bud for a great contest and an even more incredible prize.


  1. Now I know why Jeter cards are always a solid investment. It's because so many yankee haters love to deface his cards, so they end up being relatively rare once a couple thousand of them have been done up like this one.

  2. Whew, for a second there I thought I was hosting another contest. It was tough for me to part with that Jeter, obviously it's worth a fortune, but I'm glad you are able to appreciate it for what it's worth. Congrats again Brian!

  3. Ha ha. Nice.

    As for whether I'd want to hang out with the A & G gals or dudes, I'd take the girls but Freud would be invited too. That guy lived like he was in Studio 54 all day and night.

  4. Is that a bat on the first card? or a wine bottle?