Friday, December 18, 2009

Last three hobby packs of Topps 206

A couple of days ago I bought 4 Hobby packs of 2009 Topps 206 from the my only local card shop. I used one pack in yesterday's Retro Pack War. I'm going to show you the contents of the other packs, but first another word about my local card shop.

I've mentioned before about the crazy prices at the only card shop in my area. When I went in the shop, the owner was helping some people look for a Christmas gift for their son. I knew what I wanted so I just wandered around the shop looking at things I wouldn't normally look at. I saw a Panini Dallas Mavericks Team set that my son had just purchased at Wal-Mart to give his friend for Christmas. He paid $4.98 for his and the shop had it for $9.99. That seems like a big difference. I then noticed a shelf with a row of autographed baseballs. I was a more than shocked at the prices he had on these. Pat Listach for $79.99! Koby Clemens for $129.99! That is just absurd. I found a Listach on ebay for $34.95 (still too much) and a Clemens from Tri-Star for $12.95. There was a Steve Carlton ball on the shelf for $250.00. I found several of those online for anywhere from $80 to $130. I'm still amazed this shop can stay open with prices so out of whack.

Alright, let me post the results of my other three 206 packs. At this shop, the packs are not sitting in boxes. He takes them out of the boxes and puts them in big plexiglass dividers. I took the top two packs off both sections.

Webb, Matsuzaka, Tejada, Bobby Scales, Andrew Bailey no-numbered SP,Molina parallel, Price and Kawakami.

I like the horizontal mini. This is a Piedmont Papelbon.

Big Papi, Cy Young (nice), Helton, Hawpe, Dye, Matsuzaka parallel, Campanella (also nice) and Derek Holland Rookie.

A Ranger mini! Piedmont Hank Blalock. This was a nice pack. A couple of legends and a couple of Rangers.

This is the last of the four packs. Hoffman, Saunders, Pierre, Gordon, Garland, Jackie Robinson (nice) and Tris Speaker (also nice). Throw in the Mantle Checklist and that leaves the mini and....?

This Josh Reddick is my first Cycle Back mini. It is #15/99

If you noticed above, I didn't get a parallel card in this pack. That is because I got this.

Vinny Mazzaro doesn't do anything for me personally, but these on card auto's look really nice. So that's it. I'll post the two packs of 2004 Topps Chrome I bought tomorrow and that will probably be all the last packs I open in 2009. Unless, I get surprised with cards for Christmas.

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