Sunday, December 27, 2009

No One Is Going to Read This Blog hooks a blogger up

A little over a week ago, Jeremy from No One's Going to Read This Blog posted his end of our second trade. He had some nice things to say and referred back to a couple of my previous posts. I really appreciated the comments and must say it still amazes me that I can write something in the blog and real live people are out there reading it. And being affected by it. Well the stuff I got from Jeremy in exchage for the stack of Mayo Football cards I sent is really special. I get stuff for myself in trade packages all the time. This time it was all for my kid. I don't have a lot of pics to post, but this is what Jeremy sent.

Here we have a few Topps Magic Longhorns. My son became a huge Texas Longhorns fan a couple of years ago and is just over the top excited about this year's National Championship game. Jeremy, if you didn't know, is from Oklahoma and has a certain aversion to Longhorns cards so my son was glad to take them off his hands. Jeremy will gladly take your cards featuring Sooners....

Jeremy also included a very healthy stack of 2009 Topps that will make a dent in my son's wantlist.

There was one more card included that deserves it's own post. Not because the card is incredible, but because my son's reaction to it took me back to my early feelings about collecting.

Jeremy, thanks again for making my kid smile. That is just about the best thing on earth in my book.


  1. Hey thanks for the post man. I'm glad I could help out with his set needs. I wish he would have an interest in former Texas players in their current NFL uniform too. I pull tons of those.

    PS. I can't remember what that other card might be right now. I don't know if it's the cough medicine or what, but it escapes me right now.

  2. definitely NOT a football fan, Longhorn or otherwise...