Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cards from the Other World

Back in September, Dan over at The Other World posted the results of his 2009 A&G Gint-A-Cuffs box. I liked the Ichiro jersey he pulled and we were able to put together a trade of some of my A&G Phils hits for the Ichiro plus some Ranger cards. Here are a few of the cards Dan sent my way.

The card that started the trade. 2009 Allen & Ginter Ichiro Jersey. I may be a Rangers fan, but I can appreciate the consistency of a player like Ichiro.

Dan threw in the 2009 A&G Hamilton mini plus a couple of minis circa 2007. These are much appreciated as I busted exactly zero packs of anything in 2007.

To round out the 2007 A&Gs, this Hamilton was included along with the Sammy Sosa.

Appropriately enough, this 2002 Topps 206 Ivan Rodriguez made an appearance. Now I just need a pack or 10 of the 2009 cards to open.

This is a 2007 Goudey Nolan Ryan SP. I think Nolan may be smirking about the cartoonish background.

I'm not a big fan of the manu-patch, but I like the Ranger connection. I need to get the one for the 1995 All-Star game since that is the one and only All-Star game to be played in Arlington.

I think it is appropriate and funny that the one and only time blogger has ever balked at uploading an image for me was this one of Mark Teixeira's 2008 UD Series 1 Game Jersey. This is one of those that we all just love...different team image than team name on the card. Plus it's Big Tex who is much maligned amongst baseball fans. He put up good numbers while he was here, but he's sort of a knucklehead and I'm not a fan. I'm relatively new to the blogosphere as you know, so this may have been covered before, but what is up with the question mark between the word Game and Jersey? Is that UD's cryptic way of saying "We don't have a clue who wore this jersey or if it is actually from a jersey. It may be a swatch from a T-Shirt we took off Joe from the mailroom."
Dan, thanks for the trade and I hope we can do it again sometime.


  1. Teixeira balked at being scanned because you weren't paying him enough.

  2. I do like the manu-patch cards, but have not been able to secure the Robin Roberts for myself as of yet.