Sunday, December 27, 2009

Through a young collector's eyes

Earlier today I posted some cards Jeremy from No One's Going to Read This Blog sent to my son. There was one card in particular that got a reaction from him.

Since he started collecting the 2009 Topps set, he understands the gold cards are numbered to the year of production. So this 2006 Topps UH Michael Young is #1025/2006. He really likes the gold cards. He isn't jaded yet to the fact that serial numbered cards aren't that big a deal anymore. He doesn't realize when he gets a jersey or bat card that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of those out there for any particular player. He still gets excited just from pulling a cool picture. It doesn't have to be an insert, a triple auto or a "sick" patch. That is what I love most about going through this process with him as he just starts out in the hobby. He's helping me enjoy base cards again...something the blogosphere has helped with as well.

Back to the Young card above. When I gave him the cards, he looked through all the ones Jeremy sent and separated out some of his favorites. He thought it was really cool that all the Topps cards came already sorted and in order. I told him they didn't come that way, Jeremy did that.

"Cool", he said. "That was really nice".

It was.

When he got to the Young gold card, he flipped it over to look at the back. He knew it was a 2006 by the serial numbering. #1025/2006. The first thing he did was grab a blank sheet of printer paper and right down the number 2005. I've learned not to interrupt him...he is working on something, so I let him go, but I watch with growing interest.

Then he says, "How many Rangers fans are there?".

I don't know.

"How many people can fit into the Rangers baseball field?"

I look it up and it's 49,200. He gets his paper and does a little math work.

He says, "I feel sorry for 47,195 people".

Why? At this point, I just get a look. You know the one...."Do I really have to explain?"

"Dad, they only made 2006 of these. I have one and if everyone else at a Rangers game wants one, then 47,195 of them are going to be sad."

Good point, I suppose. When you're 9 years old. Then he started laughing as he walks down the hall. That maniacal laugh that says "I've got something you don't have". Then he turned to me and said..."I'm keeping this one in a safe place."

I have to tell you that witnessing him at the beginning of his collecting days has been a blast. I am constantly reminded of how excited I was to pull regular cards.

Jeremy, thanks again for the cards. He really did appreciate them.


  1. That's a pretty awesome way of looking at it. That Young is also a sweet card.

  2. Also, I really like the spontaneity of the AS MVP cards. I just got a copy of the CC from this year's game and really dig it. The players are so stoked they make tremendous cards.

  3. That's a pretty nice story. Really heartwarming. I'm glad he liked the cards. It's funny, now that he mentioned it, it is a pretty nice looking card! I guess it takes somebody else to make us realize that.

  4. Hey man. I read this and it made me think. You brought up a good point, and I made a post at my blog about it. You might wanna look.

  5. Very cool that you have a little one in the house that collects baseball cards. Somewhat of a rarity, really.

  6. Got to agree, love those gold bordered cards.