Tuesday, December 22, 2009

From Hazel Peepers to Mine

This trade is from November...I'm catching up! I think I'm through with October and only about 10 or so behind at this point. These cards are from Lonestarr over at Behind These Hazel Eyes. If I not mistaken, this one is also a result of a card I claimed, but we may never know for sure.

We'll start with a little vintage goodness. I was going to put up a little info about Joe, but why try to top this post by the Night Owl. RIP Joe.

How about one of those darn "divisible by 3" 2008 Stadium Club cards.

Travis Hafner made his Major League debut in August of 2002 with the Rangers. He was such a highly regarded player the Rangers traded him to the Indians in December of 2002 for Einar Diaz and Ryan Drese. How's that workin' for ya Rangers fans? I saw Hafner play for the Round Rock Express somewhere in the distant past. At the time they were the Rangers AA affiliate located near Austin, TX. We saw him the day AFTER he hit three homeruns.

How about a little 2009 shininess? This trio of Topps Chrome cards fits in nicely with the collection. The photo is horrible however. Scanner, WHERE ARE YOU???!!

This is my third favorite card of the trade. It might be tops in many trades, but not this time. This 2006 Bowman Heritage Elvis Andrus is one I've never seen. I wouldn't know it was him if it didn't have his name on the back.

This 2007 Topps Chrome Joaquin Arias is my second auto of his. They are both terrible. Those of you with little kids could get a better "Joaquin Arias" sig out of them I'm sure. Still, it's one I didn't have so I'll take it!

This is sweet! Hank Blalock's 2008 Bowman Chrome Refractor #37/150. That is some rainbow shiny goodness. Thanks Lonestarr.

My very first Michael Young auto. This 2005 Topps Pack Wars auto is not a masterpiece of design, but it's on card and I really like it.
Lonestarr, thanks so much for the cards. I hope you enjoyed the ones I sent as much as I enjoyed these.


  1. Lonestarr always sends some great cards!!

  2. Great Michael Young auto. I was very happy to see Young rebound with such a nice season in '09. A lot of people wanted to write him off after 2008. He's quietly putting up one heck of a career.

  3. Nice Micheal Young Auto. I've got my collection of MY autos up to a whopping 2. He's pretty affordable to collect and like ken said is putting together a heck of a career.

  4. Do you collect Arias?

    Because, really, I have three of his autos. I don't know why I can't get away from him.




  5. Glad you liked. The ones you sent were great. One of these years I will get a post up for them, hopefully.

  6. Sooz, I don't collect HIM, but I'm a Rangers collector. If it's one I don't have (I only have two) I'd be interested.

  7. I think all my Hafner cards are Indians...