Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More Card Issues from Washington

Bud and I have pulled off a couple of nice trades. He runs First Day Issue and you really should check it out. Bud has also managed to win 2 of my 3 contests so far. All you really need to do to get on his good side is send him a Griffey Jr. or two. This is what he sent me back on September 14th.

Let's lead off with this 2001 UD 1970s Decade Al "Scoop" Oliver. You can't help but notice the 'fro so carefully stuffed into his cap, not to mention the "scoop" necklace.

One of the things I enjoy about trading is getting cards I've never seen before. This is a 2004 Upper Deck Play Ball Rookie Portfolio Nick Regilio #0911/2004. Whew, I need a break after typing that title. Nick looks sad, but that could be because his face is melting.

Mark Teixeira on a card. With a GIANT HEAD. Enough said.

1995 Upper Deck Will Clark Predictor (RBI Leader) Well, the holder of this card could have won a foil enhanced Predictor trade set if Will had led the majors in RBIs. He didn't. He had 92 and Dante Bichette of the Colorado Rockies had 128.

1997 Select Will Clark. Sometimes the retro uniforms look nice. I like this one, although the Rangers never wore it...they've only been around since 1972.

Nolan looks like he suspects he's being Punk'd by the photographer on this 1993 Studio card. Maybe he doesn't like that button being so close to his left ear.

Here is a nice sideways 4 pack of Ian Kinslers. We have a 2005 Topps Heritage, 2006 Topps Rookie Debut, a 2009 Topps Gold #1435/2009 and a sweet 2009 Topps Chrome refractor.

This is the first I've seen of any Turkey Red Nolan Ryan so this 2005 edition is a great add to my team collection.

I have things to say about this 2002 Stadium Club Stadium Shots Alex Rodriguez card. It has nothing to do ARod, but the more about the Ballpark. I'll save that for a different post though.

I like this 2003 UD Ultimate Collection Nolan Ryan. Really Like It. I can hear him thinking..."I hope this Robin Ventura punk charges the mound. I really do."

I busted quite a bit of this back in 2002. I pulled a lot of other teams, but not one Ranger card. Now I have one. It looks better to me than the White Sox ones I pulled.
Bud included over 80 additional Rangers cards and one Jason Witten card (he just happens to be my favorite Cowboy, but Bud didn't know that). Thanks BUD!!


  1. Well, I can put that Clark Select card back in the collection. It was in a stack ready to send to you.

  2. I love those Power Up "big head" cards. They are awesome!!