Saturday, December 19, 2009

Reading..and Trading with No One is Going to Read This Blog

A while back, Jeremy over at No One is Going to Read This Blog posted a Topps Chrome card that I needed. No really, I needed it. Like a fish needs water. I sent over a few things he liked and we've since completed two trades. He's even got a link to a wantlist so check his blog out. He sent a few other cards along with the shiny Chrome so let's take a look at a few of them. As always, I received more cards than I'm able to show on the blog.

This 2006 Fleer Tradition Michael Young could have used a little less cropping, but it fills a nice empty spot in the Young binder.

I like these 2007 Goudey mini cards. Now if Hank would give a great big follow through on his swing...

I'm going to pass this 2009 UH Michael Young Gold #1969/2009 on to my son for his set. He's going to get my cards one day anyway so I'll just let him hold this one a little early.

This was the card that started it all. With the amazing debut Neftali Feliz had last season (August 3, 2 innings, 4 strikeouts, fastball at 101 and changeup at 91) it is only appropriate that he have a nice shiny 2009 Topps Chrome card. And now, thanks to Jeremy, I have it too.

Jeremy, despite your blog's title, I'm reading and I know others are too. Thanks for the Feliz as well as the other Rangers.


  1. Thanks for the cards too! I really liked the ones you sent over. I'm glad you liked the ones I sent. I'll keep an eye out for any Rangers I pull.

  2. Everybody likes to parody his blog title though.