Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Topps 206 2 Pack Break

I needed to pick up a few supplies plus something to fill out my secret santa package for a Rookie Card Collectors Secret Santa project so I bought a couple stocking stuffers for me. Two packs of 2009 Topps 206, two packs of 2009 Topps Heritage High Numbers and one pack of 2008 Topps Chrome. Here is what the Topps 206 elves brought.

Pack 1

Hunter Pence #38 and Ubaldo Jimenez #89

Hunter looks a little like Woody Harrelson.

Chad Billingsley #285 and Josh Beckett #148

What would have happened if they'd faced each other in the Series?

Casey Kotchman #279 and Tommy Hanson Polar Bear mini #262

My son already claimed the Hanson mini--he thought it was funny how he stuck out his tongue.

Luis Valbuena #164 Parallel and Scott Rolen #14
Both my one per pack parallels were Tribers.

Chris Dickers #110 and Mickey Mantle checklist 3 of 7.
The pack says 9 cards so I guess the Mantle checklist doesn't count against the total cards in the pack. That's a good thing. I'm happy with the cards and the pack was ok. The Polar Bear minis fall 1:10 packs.

Pack 2
Garret Anderson #233 and Jair Jurrjens
The Braves were well represented in this pack with 3 of 10(that's right, I said 10, cards).

Kazuo Matsui #85 and Matt Cain #270.
We'll see more Cain in a moment.

Chipper Jones #139, Matt Cain Piedmont mini #270 and Christy Mathewson mini #237.
Yes sir, two minis in one pack. I wonder if the next pack was missing a mini.

Jhonny Peralta Parallel #170.

Mark Teixeira #137 and Josh Whitesell #289
I read somewhere that Teixeira is an SP. I'm not sure though and if that's true, maybe it is a good thing...less of them to pull.
There you go, two packs and the best of the bunch for me were the minis. I'll be back tomorrow to show the results of the Heritage packs.


  1. I bought two packs of those yesterday and in my first pack, I got two doubles. In the second pack, I got one double. I was pretty disappointed.

    Two of the same card in one pack? I don't think that I have ever seen that before.

  2. I'm sure that's happened to me before, but I can't remember it.

  3. I wonder what Hunter forgot, cause that's an "Oh crap!!! I forgot so and so..." look if I ever saw one!

  4. I wouldn't have given that Luis Valbuena card a second thought back in 2009. But now that he is manning 3rd for my Cubs, it's a pretty sweet card.

    I always liked the T206s.